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“… thanks to technology that has made stock investing quite easy…,”, the statement from my last post. And I still stand by it. Financial companies are working hard to make stock investing easier than ever before. And that’s why every now and then we see or hear a new stock broker’s name on the internet. Exness Group is one such example.

Exness Group is a financial institution founded in 2008. It has been over 12 years since its inception. The company, according to its statement, “has developed at an impressive rate, and is recognized today as an industry leader.” The company offers various financial investing services, including forex trading, stock trading, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, and indices.

Today’s post is all about Exness review; actually, it would be the first Exness review for rookies. It gives you some details about the company (mentioned in the previous section), a basic process of opening an account with Exness, and some reviews from users and industry experts (good and bad). I have used various sources to gather all these details, including the company’s official website, review sites, and other third-party sources.

This post will help you know more about their stock trading app and will also help you decide whether it should be your next stock trading/investing app or not.

Exness Review for Rookies

Opening An Account

Account opening with Exness is quite easy. You may create a new account using a mobile app or visit the company’s official website. I signed up using the Android mobile app and so have mentioned the same here. I hope the process for iOS users and web users is almost the same.

Signing up using the mobile app

The current way to sign up using the mobile app is a 2-step process:

  1. Sign up using an email address and a password.
  2. Enter the passcode (twice).

Once the account is created, you’ll be directed to the dashboard from where you can select the type of account you want to operate (real, demo, partner, or crypto). You may create an account using the MT 4 and MT 5 trade accounts.

Verifying Details

While you may begin trading right after signing up, it’s better to verify your proof of identity, address, and other related details. You may head towards the profile section of the app and submit your documents. The process is quite easy and swift. It only took a few minutes for the company to review my documents.

Start Trading

Now that you have signed up with Exness and the company has verified your documents, you may start trading. To start trading you need a trading account (other than the Exness account). To create a real trading account, go to the dashboard and open the account drop-down menu

Select the “create a new account” option > select the account types > choose a platform (MT 5 and MT 4)

Now you can customize your account, like account currency and leverage. The account currency is non-changeable, so choose wisely. In the next step, choose a trading password. Now you may deposit funds and start trading stocks, forex, crypto, etc.

Exness Availability

The company allows trading from many countries. However, we don’t have a list of those. We do have a list of countries/regions where the company doesn’t operate. These include:

  • The USA
  • American Samoa
  • Baker Island
  • Guam
  • Howland Island
  • Kingman Reef
  • Marshall Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Midway Islands
  • Wake Island
  • Palmyra Atoll
  • Jarvis Island
  • Johnston Atoll
  • Navassa Island
  • Vatican City
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

There are more countries where Exness doesn’t operate. You may look for those countries (or an updated list) here.

Customer Reviews

I’m a Pakistan-based blogger, content marketer, and student of finance. Before the inception of Connecting Dimes, I really wanted to become an investor like Warren Buffet. But when I tried opening accounts with big names, I was really disappointed. None of those offer services in Pakistan. Then I finally found Exness. I was quite impressed (and still am) to learn about it. But when I decided to write a review about Exness, I was a little distressed (… so I can’t invest in the world-renowned stock trading apps, and the one that’s doable doesn’t bring good reviews!…). I didn’t find any good reviews from users.

I searched what users think about Exness and the reason for their bad reviews. Interestingly, most of the users submitted one prominent complaint; issues with withdrawals. I found the same review on a couple of websites, including TrustPilot. I also found some similar reviews on Google Play Store. The most common complaint there was also related to withdrawals and also bad customer support.

Okay, I got it! Bad withdrawal system and poor customer support. But I didn’t end my research here.

If Exness is that bad, how did it manage to survive from 2008? How did it surpass the $1 Trillion in Client Trading Volumes during October? So, I had to dig deeper (although it’s still not enough for many, it was enough for me to try it like a trader/investor).

Further researching this stock trading app, I found that Exness is widely used by professional traders; not rookies like you and me. The company is also trading “approximately 785 billion dollars per month.” Moreover, two highly-trusted financial bodies regulate this platform – the FCA and CySEC. These points are enough for a professional to rely on a trading platform like this. And they did leave a positive impact on me as well. But I still wanted to go further so I could be more satisfied (and so my readers).

TradeFX is a reliable third-party forex trading platform (although I am talking about stock trading here). They have given a 4.6 rating to Exness and shown their trust with this broker. As for withdrawals, they say:

“The red flag at this broker is the lack of bank wires as a funding option.”

But they also have added a clear and positive thing about withdrawals in countries like Pakistan:

Exness has the most advanced payment systems for Asian countries, particularly for China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

Traders in these countries can deposit using local banks, internet transfers, mobile payments, e-wallets, credit cards, and other methods.

That’s one of the best things I heard about this broker and it pulled me back into the game. So I’m definitely giving it a try.

The Bottom Line

There’s no one specific bottom line here. This isn’t a complete review of this app; that has yet to come. This is merely a warm-up review (as the title suggests “…first Exness review for rookies”) that allowed me at least) to think of investing as little as I may with this broker and test if those complaining about the app are correct or those appraising it.

I would also say that if you haven’t used Exness, please don’t blame it. And if you have, you may share your comments here so others (including me) can take advantage of it and don’t repeat the same mistake.

Thinking of giving Exness a try? Open a real account with Exness and help us earn a little commission. Thanks.